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Get real time patient records from any platform 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

Patient’s Data

Easy input and editing of patient’s data.


Decrease costs and time of patient visits.


Patient access and interaction.


24/7 Medical Directory.

Doctor’s Lounge

Area to interact with other specialists and publish papers.

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Awards and Endorsements

Features for Physicians

24/7 record access

24 hours a day 7 days a week access to both their own patient records along with access to over 1,000,000 other patients.


Search of patient by any ID, including telephone number, National ID or even car plates (in case of accident and no ID).

medical data

Access to all vital medical data in times of emergency, including blood type, emergency contacts, allergies and chronic diseases.

cost efficient

Decrease of cost and time of visits by patients by 25-40%.


Internal analytics on patients and statistics.

Doctors Lounge

Specialist social platform for peer consultations and peer reviews.


Publishing of papers onto platform for review and comments by peers.


Finding nearest facilities or a certain drug to advise patients.


Can act as adjuvant or plug in to already existing HMIS - only change will be an addition of a search tab.


Easy appointment booking.


Latest in security protocols and firewalls to ensure privacy of data.

Features for Patients

Interactive app

Interactive app with stored compiled patient record accessible 24/7.

Medical Directory

Medical Directory depending on country, where nearest ER, Lab, Ambulance Service, Pharmacy etc can be easily found.

medical advice

Tailored medical advice and articles on newest and latest advances in the medical advances.

in-app services

Add-On apps including drug reminder, Diabetes app (to monitor blood sugar levels), Hypertension app (to monitor blood pressure) and 100+ more add-on apps).


Patients are able to easily book appointments with a click of a button or a touch of a screen. .


Latest in security protocols to ensure privacy.

record security

4 digit pin code to ensure no physician enters records without authorization of patient.

emergency authorization

Ability of registered physicians to force enter records - when this is activated, both patient and emergency contact will receive an SMS and/or email, and will be called by our designated call centre to ensure that the patient or emergency contact are aware of entry.

Dr. Mazin Mohammed Khalil graduated from Khartoum University with a Bachelors of Medicine and Surgery in 2010, and is also an MBA holder.

Since setting up SudaMed in 2011, Dr. Khalil has been the recipient of many awards, includig one of the 10 most influential youth in the Arab region for 2014.

Other than his work within SudaMed, Dr. Khalil also occupies a range of positions including:

  • Consultant for the United Nations Foundation in Business, Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Mentor at the Mara Foundation for African Entrepreneurs
  • Mentor at the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs throughout the world
  • Ambassador for the Alicia Keys We Are Here Foundation
  • Ambassador at One Young World

Our Story

It all started in 2011, when our Founder and CEO, Dr. Mazin Mohammed Khalil, was working as an executive in their family owned hospital. He still tells the tale of the father who rushed into the hospital, carrying his 6 DAY old first-born and had travelled more than 50km to reach a certain doctor’s private clinic. To his dismay he found that the clinic didn’t work that specific day.

It was at that moment that the idea of a REACHABLE and ACCESSIBLE medical directory was born. SudaMed was born.

Through the dedication of the SudaMed team and the trust given to us by our first clients, SudaMed quickly grew to become one of the pioneer medical services companies in the MENA region, winning more than 8 international awards and even being named Best Medical Services Company in MENA for 2015.

SudaMed now provides 16 services to clients around the MENA region, which include but are not limited to:

  • SudaMed Patient Care © - The first fully integrated patient record system and app in the region
  • The SudaMed Medical Directory
  • SudaMed Preventa Checkup © - Preventive health checkups for families and corporations
  • First Aid and Basic Life Support training for schools and corporations
  • Designing and implementing of e-health solutions for hospitals, labs and pharmacies
  • Healthcare informatics and analytics
  • Medical Insurance Consultancy
  • Medical Market Research and Analysis
  • Competitive strategic consultations for healthcare businesses
  • Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) training
  • Medical CSR implementation for corporations
  • SudaMed Wafir
  • Employment Health Checkups
  • Pharmaceuticals marketing and distribution

Awards and Recognitions

  • King Abdullah Award for Youth Innovation and Achievement 2013
  • Social Entrepreneurs of the Year 2013
  • MIT Best Arab Startup 2014
  • President Obama’s Young African Leaders - Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders 2014
  • Arab Entrepreneurs of the Year 2014
  • 10 most influential CEOs under 30 in the Arab region 2015
  • Arabia500 Fastest Growing Companies in the MENA region 2015
  • Best Medical Services Company in the Middle East 2015

International Mentions:

  • Forbes - “African Company to Watch”
  • McKnisey - “The future of healthcare in Africa”
  • King Abdullah II of Jordan “One of the most innovative projects in the arab world”
  • Alicia Keys “I am sure SudaMed will help the continent of Africa in everyway”
  • President Barack Obama “The essence of what the Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders is all about”
  • Kat Bury - Mowgli Mentoring Foundation Co-Founder “The largest ROI of our Mowgli Mentees”

What ELSE makes us special ?

The ‘SudaMed philosophy’ believes that every human has the right to 3 basic needs; Healthcare, Education and Employment. This is why SudaMed has dedicated 50-70% of its profits throughout the years supporting these 3 fundamental aspects of life.

  • SudaMed established and funds the only privately funded primary healthcare clinic in Sudan, which sees up to 1000 patients per month, completely for free.
  • We have also established a primary and secondary school in one of the most poverty stricken areas of Khartoum, where the thought of children’s education was a far-fetched dream
  • In 2015 SudaMed launched the first round of the “Hassan Fawzi Scholarship for Disadvantaged Youth”. This scholarship is targeted towards sending academically gifted teenagers who have no support to college and university, by paying for their tuition and getting them decent paying jobs with some of our partners, so they can support themselves throughout university. In its first year we have fully supported 54 students throughout Khartoum in a wide range of studies from arts to medicine.
  • Dr. Mazin Khalil also has a passion for entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial spirit and closely works with a wide range of entrepreneurs around the world. He is a mentor for local teens in Sudan, but also works with organizations like the Mara Mentoring Program and the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women Entrepreneurs.

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